Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Fullerton Family, Redux

Robert Fullerton and Martha White Fullerton, c1850
My recent post on the Fullerton family (Born in "Hindustan) caught the eye of a descendant of Dora Fullerton.  She and her cousin were in the process of researching their Fullerton roots.  This led to a very interesting exchange of information about this fascinating family.  They also sent me great photos of the Fullertsons (including the one shown above) most of which were taken around the time they lived in Powelton.  The photos and more extensive biographies are posted on the interactive map for 3307 Hamilton St.. 

The photo above shows Robert and Martha Fullerton about the time of their marriage.  They left for India in 1852 as Presbyterian missionaries.  Robert died (apparently of cancer) in India before they could return to the U.S.  Martha returned with their six surviving children and settled at 3307 Hamilton St.  Her sister and brother-in-law lived a few blocks away at 3412 Baring St. were he ran the Mantua Female Seminary. Perhaps the most interesting new information posted there concerns George Fullerton's internment in Austrian and German prison of war camps for four years during WWI.

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