Monday, June 4, 2012

New Homes in Powelton, 1891

    I have found very few ads from home builders for new homes in Powelton.  The following ad from 1891 for 3807-09 Baring St. is an unusual exception.  It lists numerous features that the builder thought would attract those in the market for a "modern" home.

 “LOOK! LOOK!  At the new modern, side yard dwellings, 3807-09 Baring street.  Notice the difference in work and material to other houses recently built.  No skylights in dining rooms, but large bay windows instead; no long back alleys; large front porches and back yards; Filbert’s patent pavement ["Vulcanite"]; finest tiled bath rooms ever seen, butler’s pantry, with hot and cold water, plenty of closets [i.e., cabinets]; steel plate French ranges; two heaters; cemented cellars;  incandescent electric and gas for lighting; wardrobes in second and third floor front rooms; all French plate glass in fronts; no carpets laid to cover bad floors; first and second stories furnished in hard wood, old colonial style [i.e., parallel boards]; all done by day’s work, no cheap contract work; plumbing guaranteed for three years.  If you never have seen a first-class modern house, you are specially invited to look through the houses.  You may buy when you see them and learn the price.
                           E. E. Baldwin, Builder.
                                                on the premises.”
(Phila. Inquirer, Nov. 21 and 23, 1891)

     In April, 1892, 3807-09 was purchased by Anna T. Pritchett.  In 1870, she was 4 years-old and living with her parents, Bardale and Emily Pritchett, at 3710 Lancaster Ave. Her father died in the 1870s.  In 1880, Emily, her mother, and three siblings were living at 204 N. 33rd St.  Its not clear whether the Pritchetts ever lived in 3807 or 3809.  Anna sold them in 1895.  In 1900, 3807 Baring St. and 3809 Baring St. were both rentals.

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